It’s not uncommon or even discouraged for people to enjoy a night out at one of Waukesha’s bars or clubs, and to top that night off with a couple drinks. Yet with that privilege comes the responsibility to not then endanger others by getting behind the wheel of a car and attempting to drive home. The cost of a cab ride, or the momentary embarrassment of having to call a friend or family member to come pick one up is a small price to pay when considering the alternative.

A Waukesha woman recently failed to assume that responsibility, and ended up paying the consequences. After having reportedly smoked marijuana earlier in the day, she decided to go out for a few drinks, after which she made the mistake of continuing to drive. In her impaired state, she failed to realize that as she entered the freeway, she was driving in the wrong direction. She ultimately ended up crashing into a freeway pillar, but not before striking another vehicle and causing a third to crash after her tire came off during the initial collision. Thankfully, neither the woman nor any of those in the other vehicles involved sustained major injuries.

Yet avoiding injuries is little consolation to her now, as she faces a combination of reckless driving and DUI charges. And while most will hopefully learn from her example and trust a designated driver after their next night out, there will inevitably be others who decide on driving while intoxicated. It’s likely that their consequences will be similar. When that does happen, a criminal defense attorney may be their best option at successfully helping them to secure favorable outcomes to their cases. 

Source: “Wrong-way driver causes crash on US 45 near Wisconsin Avenue” Katie DeLong, Nov. 21, 2013

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