Those who are arrested for sex crimes in Waukesha such as child molestation often fail to realize how quickly the criminal charges against them can accumulate if and when their actions are uncovered by authorities. There’s the charge related to the act itself, which, if deemed serious enough, could escalate to a sexual assault charge. Also in such cases, police will seize computers and other electronic media devices, if on which illicit material is discovered could led to a further charge of possession of child pornography. Then there’s potential charges related to enticing the children themselves. What may have been initially viewed as a single random act of poor judgment may soon be portrayed as a multi-dimensional criminal operation.

Such is the case with a Monona man who is currently facing such a myriad of charges. While it’s unknown what tipped police off to his activity, they took the man into custody after searching his home and confiscating his personal electronic equipment. He is now reported to be facing such charges as child enticement, possession and production of child pornography, and multiple charges of child sexual assault.

Cases such as these can often be very complex, with multiple legal challenges presented to those charged with such a network of crimes. A layperson in this situation may not know what resources are available to him or her to combat the charges he or she is facing. As such, an experienced criminal defense attorney may be a valuable ally to have in his or her corner as the cases progresses through the criminal justice system. 

Source: “Monona man arrested for alleged sexual assaults, child pornography” Bill Novak, Nov. 22, 2013