Oftentimes, incidents of family or domestic violence and abuse will go untried or even unreported in Waukesha because the victims of such abuse still feel such a strong bond with their abusers that they refuse to press charges against them. The prevailing thought is often that such matters are best left to be worked out between the parties involved as opposed to initiating legal action that could permanently damage the relationship. However, in some cases, authorities may believe that they have sufficient evidence to arrest one on such charges even without the supposed victim filing for them.

Such is the case that an Ohio man is facing. Currently on house arrest while being a suspect in a homicide case, the man was also recently arrested following an altercation with his mom. He claims that they argued and that both threw blows at each other, yet police found no signs of injuries on him. His mother, however, was said to have worn the evidence of the fight all over her face. It was those injuries that led to his arrest, even though his mother insisted that she didn’t want to press charges.

Because of the typical high levels of emotion involved between the parties involved in such altercations, it’s often difficult to get a clear picture of what may have transpired during such incidents as those involved often vacillate between being mad and upset with the other to being caring and forgiving during their recounting of what happened. In such cases, authorities have to go off of the evidence of such fights as seen in the injuries between those involved. Yet even those can sometimes be misleading, and can often be challenged if used as evidence against one during subsequent legal proceedings. Those facing such a charge of domestic or family violence may be wise to have an attorney to help in understanding what aspects of their case may be challenged. 

Source: Youngstown Vindicator “Homicide suspect arrested for domestic violence” Joe Gorman, Dec. 19, 2013.

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