Many sex crimes in Waukesha such as molestation or rape often go unreported because of the actions or inactions of others who may have either been involved in talking alleged victims out of pressing charges or simply turning a blind eye to events that they knew to be happening. The motives for such reactions are various, but sadly, the result is often the same: victims can feel as though they are alone in their struggles and that pressing the issue with authorities may open them up to ridicule and harm. Yet the price that those who choose not to assist these victims must pay can high if they’re exposed for what they did or didn’t do in relation to these alleged crimes.

Four Ohio school officials and volunteers could potentially pay such a price if found guilty of the charges leveled against them related to the rape of teenage girl by a group of high school football players. Subsequent investigations into the alleged incident led to the uncovering a potential second rape that had been reported months before but for which the victim eventually withdrew her accusation. Each of the four adults faces charges related to the their handling of the allegations and accusations of trying to cover the incidents up and trying to impede investigations into the charges. All four have plead not guilty.

The desire to not get involved in accusations of a rape or other form of sexual assault or to even privately work out a solution to such an incident before involving the authorities may be understandable, but can also land one in hot water if he or she is accused of withholding or failing to report information. One’s actual legal responsibility to report such information can be nebulous, however. As such, he or she may wish to work with an attorney to help combat any charges that may later be leveled against him or her. 

Source: Wisconsin Public Radio News “Steubenville Officials Plead Not Guilty In Rape Case” Mark Memmott, Dec. 13, 2013.