Often, it’s in the investigation of one crime in Waukesha that authorities uncover another. Whatever evidence has led them to suspect someone of criminal activity is often only a portion of what the suspect is actually engaged in. Illicit items or evidence of further illegal activity that’s brought to light during the course of an investigation may lead to new criminal charges, further compounding one’s potential legal troubles.

Such a scenario played out in the case of a Commonwealth woman who was recently in court facing multiple drug, theft, and forgery charges. She first came under the suspicion of the Florence County Sheriff’s Department late last year. A search of her home conducted as part of a theft investigation yielded some surprising results, with authorities finding wide array illegal drugs and accompanying paraphernalia. Among the substances found were amphetamine, morphine, and marijuana, along with oxycodone and other stolen prescription drugs. As part of a plea agreement in her case, she pled guilty to several counts of felony and misdemeanor drug possession and possession of drug paraphernalia. Her sentencing hearing is scheduled to be held after the new year.

While police may find evidence of one crime will investigating another, they still are required to follow proper police procedure in filing for new paperwork and collecting new evidence to support any new charges. Failure on their part to do so may constitute a violation of a defendant’s rights. To more fully understand what those rights may be, those facing potential criminal charges may wish to work with a defense attorney familiar with the criminal investigation process. 

Source: Iron Mountain Daily News “Commonwealth woman pleads to theft, felony drug charges” Nikki Younk, Nov. 14, 2013

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