Many in Waukesha may be unaware of the potential severity of the penalties associated with child molestation. Authorities take such cases very seriously considering the lasting impact that the crimes may have on the children involved. While those accused of these crimes may think that they were simply horsing around and merely lost their heads in a moment of self-indulgence, the criminal justice system often doesn’t share the same opinion. Ultimately, a conviction for child molestation has the potential of keeping someone locked away in prison for years, if not decades.

Such is the potential penalty that an Oak Creek woman could be facing after having been arrested and charged with multiple sex crimes against her infant relative. If convicted, the cumulative penalties of the crimes that she’s been charged with total well over 100 years in prison. Her arrest stems from two video recordings that she supposedly made of herself and the boy while she was living with her brother in Racine. The videos allegedly show her engaging in very egregious sex acts with the child. Her boyfriend discovered the recordings on her computer and alerted authorities. The boy, who was only around the age of two at the time of the alleged crimes, has since moved out of state.

Even if one’s conviction for a sex crime against a child doesn’t carry nearly as a harsh of a criminal penalty as this woman is facing, such a conviction can carry other residual damages. One may be forced to register as a sex offender, officially branding himself or herself as a deviant in the eyes of the local community. To avoid such penalties, one may wish to work with an experienced defense attorney who knows how to handle these types of cases. 

Source: Journal Times “Oak Creek woman charged with child pornography involving a toddler” Kristen Zambo, Oct. 15, 2013

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