A one-time offense for driving while intoxicated isn’t something that people in Waukesha necessarily can’t overcome. With the proper help from different support networks and a favorable outcome from the court regarding their case, they may yet be able to put such an incident behind them. Yet when people enter the realm of repeat offenders, the chances of receiving any leniency from authorities are vastly diminished. Many states, including Wisconsin, have actually enacted mandatory statutes that require harsher penalties for those whose poor choices have landed them in the DUI repeat offender category.

A man will soon find out just exactly how severe those newly-mandated repeat offender penalties are after he became Wisconsin’s 1000th repeat DUI offender arrested since the new statutes were first introduced in 2010. The man chose to make his arrest in Milwaukee County all the more memorable by choosing to flee from police. Yet his impaired state led him to hit a barrier on the interstate, which caused his car to go airborne and slam into a pursuing police car. The entire incident was caught on the arresting officer’s dashboard camera.

While a repeat DUI arrest will often be meet with harsher penalties from the court, it doesn’t always mean that one can’t still achieve an acceptable outcome. The key to such an outcome is understanding one’s rights during the process and how to appropriately challenge the state’s accusations. A criminal defense attorney with experience in handling DUI cases may prove to be a valuable source of such information. 

Source: KETK “WILD VIDEO: DWI repeat offender’s daring move caught on police camera” Oct. 30, 2013