When someone is arrested for drug possession in Waukesha, the arresting officers will usually want to know who his or her supplier is. Often, the charges for the drug dealer can be harsher than those that the drug user will face. Authorities have become adept at finding drug dealers through those to whom they’re supplying drugs to.

Such was the case with a Wisconsin man who was arrested for allegedly selling drugs from his dorm room at Minnesota State University. The man was arrested for both drug possession and drug sales after police arranged for a drug transaction to take place between the man, a police officer, and another dorm resident. The drug sale led to a police search of the man’s dorm room, where they recovered drugs and other paraphernalia, as well as money, among which was the cash used by the police officer during the drug sale.

Despite the various methods used by police to track down alleged drug dealers, they’re still required to follow proper procedure in acquiring evidence against a suspect. While those arrested for intent to sale drugs may face an uphill battle in clearing their names if there is evidence against them, if it’s believed that the evidence was obtained illegally, than they may be able to argue that it shouldn’t be used against them during court proceedings. Successfully arguing such a point usually requires an extensive knowledge of criminal procedures. That’s why one may wish to work with a criminal defense attorney to help him or her argue the case in court. 

Source: Mankato Free Press “Suspected dorm dealer faces felony drug charges” Dan Nienaber, Oct. 11, 2013