While everyone in Waukesha is entitled to a nice relaxing drink every now and then, it goes without saying that one shouldn’t drink while at work. Unless one’s employer has invited him or her to do so, drinking while working may be viewed as being irresponsible or careless. It certainly can be viewed as so if one is drinking while at work and his or her job involves driving. Now, he or she has not only caused an embarrassment for his or her employer, but he or she is now also subject to potential criminal penalties.

Perhaps, more so than any other job, the job that one doesn’t want to be seen drinking while on duty is a school bus driver. Yet that’s exactly what happened recently in Appleton. While authorities couldn’t be sure if the driver was actually drinking while delivering children to and from the four elementary schools that his route covered, he was seen by witnesses buying alcohol at a store while his bus was parked outside, and then partaking of that alcohol while on the empty bus. He has since been dismissed and arrested for suspicion of operating while intoxicated.

While every OWI charge should be taken seriously, one may be able to resolve the offense without anything more severe than a simple misdemeanor. One factor that would most likely come to play in such a decision would be the circumstances of the alleged OWI offense. In the event that one endangered the lives of others by driving while impaired, he or she may end up facing other charges from the court. No matter the circumstances of an OWI, those facing them may want to secure the services of an experienced attorney familiar with OWI cases to represent them before the court. 

Source: Duluth News Tribune “Wisconsin school bus driver accused of OWI” Oct. 18, 2013