Experience is often the best teacher in life, and unfortunately, it’s that lack of it which can lead teens in Waukesha to lapses in judgment that can often land them in serious trouble. They often fail to fully comprehend the consequences of their actions, and as such, are more apt to engage in activity that, which they might view as being a simple prank, can actually lead to some major consequences, including possible¬†probation¬†or even incarceration. Authorities usually understand this, yet they still cannot ignore criminal actions, especially if they include threats to the safety of others.

Such is the case of with a Milwaukee high school student who recently discovered just how serious police view a prank. The teen was arrested after allegedly leaving a bomb threat in his high school which prompted the complete evacuation of the school and a search of the grounds by the local bomb squad. Following the discovery of a note and some suspicious packages, students and staff were evacuated and police were called in to investigate. The packages were found to not contain any explosives, and a further search of the school found no other threatening items. It wasn’t reported what led police to the teen, or what the teen is being charged with.

While such actions may simply be intended to be a joke and to cause no harm, those who engage in them don’t realize the risk that they take from the potential consequences that they may be required to face. For any parent whose teen may be facing such a predicament, a criminal defense attorney may provide them with the best chance to help their teens earn an acceptable outcome to their case. 

Source: ABC7Chicago.com “Arrest made in Wis. school bomb threat” Oct. 17, 2013