When people in Milwaukee hear of coordinated police drug busts, they most likely envision this happening at some seedy run-down location in an inner city or other similar scenarios. Yet those same people would probably be surprised to find out just where drugs are being sold around them, and who’s selling them. With the increased availability of illicit substances these days and the anonymity people think that certain jobs or communities provide, some who normally wouldn’t be thought of as drug dealers are beginning to seek opportunities to supplement their incomes through legally questionable practices.

Such appears to be case with recent drug arrest in Milwaukee. While a drug arrest certainly isn’t anything new in a big city like Milwaukee, it’s the circumstances surrounding the case that makes it so unique. The drug house in this case: three McDonald’s restaurants. The owner of these restaurants, a Whitefish Bay man, has been arrested and, along with his accomplices, been accused of operating an interstate narcotics trafficking operation from his restaurants. Searches by police turned up much more than burgers and fries. All told, 11 firearms, $90,000, and several pounds of marijuana have been found. The owner now faces a wide array of federal charges, from weapons possession to using the mail to distribute drugs.

While this story should in no way serve as an indictment on the good folks at McDonald’s, it does show just how prevalent the drug culture has become, and how seemingly ordinary and often successful people become caught up in it. Anyone in the position of facing charges from a drug arrest may wish to work with an experienced criminal lawyer who can help him or her earn an adequate outcome to his or her case. 

Source: Fox6now.com “Suspects in McDonald’s drug bust appear in federal court” Bret Lemoine, Oct. 18, 2013