Most in Waukesha would associate domestic violence with couples. Yet domestic violence charges may be filed whenever anyone is accused of assaulting someone that they live with. And just as it often is with abuse occurring between couples, abuse that’s happening between families often goes unreported as people don’t want to see their family members humiliated and punished. Unfortunately, abuse that’s allowed to continue without serious consequence can often escalate into a potentially dangerous situation.

Such appears to be case with a recent incident in Ohio that resulted in a man’s arrest following an altercation with his sister. Police who were called to the scene were told that he had made threats against his sister after she told him that he needed to go to bed after a heavy night of drinking. His threats grew to include threatening himself and others with a knife and a loaded shotgun. Fortunately for his sister and the rest of his family in attendance, the shotgun shells had been loaded in backwards, not allowing the gun to fire, and the knife ended up being used to simply cut a few holes in the walls of the home.

Situations such as this that involve the explosive mix of high tension and stress, alcohol, and readily-available weapons can often end very badly. Yet they may also prompt one to do and say things that they otherwise wouldn’t had their judgment not been impaired. Knowing how to comprehend the motives behind one’s actions may be the key to successfully arguing one’s case before a judge. An experienced divorce attorney may be useful in helping one to convey what his or her motives were to the judge and thus, offer them a better shot at an acceptable outcome. 

Source: Sandusky Register “Police make domestic violence arrest” Courtney Astolfi, Oct. 18, 2013