One of the things that’s often overlooked when sex crimes are committed in Waukesha is the terrible affect they can have on the victims. This is especially true with children, who are exposed to levels of intimate relations that their innocent minds may not yet be ready for. As such, victims of child molestation may have issues trusting people, be confused about their sexual identity, and have difficulty establishing healthy relationships later on in life. Sadly, there’s little that the perpetrators of these crimes can do to compensate for the innocence that they stole from their victims.

Such appears to be the sad case involving a 5-year old Racine girl who was the victim of repeated molestation and sexual assault for close to a year at the hands of her 18-year old babysitter. The boy was recently sentenced to 10 years in prison for his crimes. Prosecutors and defense attorneys both expressed their wish that he receive help for the issues that lead him to violate the little girl in this way. Sadly, as the judge pointed during sentencing, the young victim’s life has been altered forever because of what was done to her. The judge even went so far as to relay the words of the victim’s mother, who said that this experience has turned the little girl “into a monster.”

Due to the view that many victims of child molestation and sexual assault never fully recover from the crimes perpetrated against them, one may think that anyone accused of such a crime could not expect to receive fair treatment during the accompanying legal proceedings. While that isn’t always the case, one accused of such a crime may still wish to have an experienced criminal defense attorney on his or her side to assist with the case.

Source: Journal Times “Teen nets 10 years in prison for repeated assaults of 5-year-old” Kristen Zambo, Sep. 27, 2013