When considering drug possession charges, most people often think of illegal substances such as cocaine, marijuana, or methamphetamines. Yet with the increased abuse of the prescription drugs in recent years, arrests involving the possession of narcotic painkillers have also risen drastically. Many of these cases in Waukesha involve health care professionals, including physicians and nurses. These providers will often use their easy access to medications to become unlikely drug addicts or dealers.

Such was the case involving the recent arrest and conviction of a Sturgeon Bay nurse. A judge found the man guilty of the misdemeanor charges of illegal possession of prescription drugs along with marijuana and other drug paraphernalia after police discovered such items in his home while responding to a domestic disturbance call. During the search, the man revealed that he had stolen many of the medications from the Dorchester nursing home where he was employed. He was apparently able to get away with such theft by only taking medications that he was not required to sign out for from the facility.

While cases like the one mentioned above often don’t leave much room for the interpretation of one’s motives, many cases involving prescription drug abuse aren’t nearly as clear-cut. What may be viewed by some as abuse may be interpreted by others as a concerned provider looking out for the well-being of his or her patients. When one is accused of prescription drug possession or abuse, he or she may need to an ally to help argue his or her side of the case. A criminal defense attorney with experience in dealing with these types of cases may be that ally. 

Source: Door County Advocate “Nurse found guilty of stealing drugs” Sep. 17, 2013