People don’t often understand the potential consequences that they may face following a drug arrest. Aside from the charges for drug possession, the circumstances of the case may allow authorities to bring other charges against them, such as transporting illegal drugs, intent to distribute, and the maintenance of property for the purpose of manufacturing or selling of drugs. If one is charged with manufacturing drugs on his or her property, he or she may also be forced to forfeit that property, compounding any criminal penalties that he or she may already be facing.

A Juneau County landowner could potentially face such an outcome after local authorities were recently made aware of an elaborate marijuana-growing scheme involving his property. A simple traffic stop led to the arrest and confession of two of the men that had been cultivating the marijuana crop. In their confession, the suspects detailed the landowner’s involvement in the operation, saying that he not only knew of what was happening, but offered them the use of the property in exchange for part of the marijuana crop that they grew there.

One may be surprised at how various drugs charge are interwoven, and, depending on the circumstances of the case, how quickly a case that may be thought of as minor offense ends up being a myriad of serious charges that carry with them significant penalties. When facing drug charges, it’s helpful to know exactly what one is up against. That’s why anyone in such a situation may wish to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to assist with his or her case. 

Source: Juneau County Star-Times “Alleged marijuana growers said landowner approved” Peter Rebhahn, Sep. 03, 2013