When a person is found in possession of illegal drugs, the situation can quickly become serious, and the person may face hefty fines and even prison time if the charges are serious enough. If drug paraphernalia is obvious to law enforcement officials in Wisconsin in a simple traffic stop, they may choose to search the car of the person to find out if more drugs are inside the vehicle, and if the person had the intent to sell the drugs or use them.  Drug offenses have serious consequences, and may negatively impact the person’s future and their ability to find a job.

After stopping his vehicle on the side of the highway for an unknown reason, a corrections officer faces serious drug charges. The charges came about after officers searched his vehicle and found several illegal drugs and tools for making drugs in the car. The man faces possible prison time and fines, and may also face disciplinary action from his job for breaking the law.

When a person is facing drug charges that may result in many years in prison, it’s important to think of the future and what the person hopes to accomplish. As this is the first time the man has been arrested for drug charges, and he has a record of years of successful employment with the state, he may benefit from discussing his plea options with prosecutors. Since law enforcement discovered the evidence within his car, the case may seem open and shut, but an attorney may be able to help the man receive a lighter sentence by cooperating with prosecutors and authorities.

Source: Stillwater Gazette, “Prison guard faces drug charges,” April 26, 2013