2 in Wisconsin facing drug charges for allegedly running meth lab

2 in Wisconsin facing drug charges for allegedly running meth lab

For Wisconsin residents who watch the news, there isn’t often a day that goes by when an individual is not accused of drug crimes. Recently, two individuals — one male and one female — have been arrested¬†and accused for their alleged involvement in a methamphetamine lab. They are both now facing serious drug charges.

One of the local detectives said that the man had made several purchases from him of an ingredient used to create meth. This took place over the course of several months. A search warrant was allegedly obtained and later served at the home where the two were living.

Reportedly, the meth lab was being operated in the basement of that home. Authorities say that they found meth-making equipment as well as chemicals to create it. Several soda bottles were found with sludge that the authorities say tested positive for meth.

The two are both facing various charges, including the manufacturing and possession of drug paraphernalia and methamphetamine. The man is at risk of being incarcerated for 34 years. The woman is at risk of spending 28 years behind bars.

Individuals in Wisconsin who are arrested and charged for drug-related activity need to realize that the situation is extremely serious and that their entire futures are at stake. Those facing serious drug charges, such as the manufacture and possession of methamphetamine, will likely want to consider mounting an aggressive defense. If the circumstances and facts allow, it may be possible to challenge the arrest as well as the search warrant or negotiate a plea deal for reduced charges.

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