2 boys face juvenile crimes charges for alleged drugging, rape

2 boys face juvenile crimes charges for alleged drugging, rape

It is alleged that a teenage girl in Wisconsin was drugged and then raped by a group of boys a couple of weeks ago. Authorities say that the girl ran away from her home and was at a local skate park. She was invited home by a few boys, two of whom are now facing charges related to juvenile crimes.

Court records show that the three boys gave her a glass of soda that was laced with cough syrup. According to local students, this drink is called a “Dirty Sprite.” It has the ability to give you a slight buzz due to the alcohol in the medicine.

After the girl was drugged, she was reportedly taken into the garage of the home where they were at. It was at this time that the teenage boys sexually assaulted her more than once. Reportedly, the suspects videotaped the entire assault and even posted it on at least one social media site, which was seen by multiple individuals.

The three boys who were reportedly involved in the incident include a 17 year old who is being charged as an adult and two 15 year olds who are being charged as juveniles. The 17 year old is facing two counts of sexual assault to a child and could face as many as 80 years behind bars in addition to having to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. The exact charges of juvenile crimes for the other two boys was not defined.

Regardless, all three of these boys will need to determine how to move forward. In some cases, youthful indiscretions may be simple mistakes, and teenagers should not be defined for the rest of their lives for those mistakes. These teens and their parents, as well as other Wisconsin residents who find themselves in similar situations surrounding juvenile crimes, may benefit from becoming familiar with the law and how to best minimize the damage of the allegations and potential convictions.

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