13-year-old Madison daycare volunteer accused of sexual abuse

13-year-old Madison daycare volunteer accused of sexual abuse

It is hard to understand why anyone would harm a baby or child. It is especially concerning when a young teenager is responsible for committing a sex crime. Some Wisconsin residents believe it may be tied to their upbringing, as young children and teenagers are often a product of their environment. Leading research shows that children who have been physically, emotionally or sexually abused, have a greater tendency to display abusive behavior as well.

Parents of children who attend Red Caboose Daycare Center in Madison were recently informed that the center may be closing soon due to the findings of an investigation involving sexual abuse. A 13-year-old volunteer was said to have sexually abused a 2-year-old child who attended the daycare. Evidence of sexual abuse was found by the Dane County Department of Human Services.

After the incident occurred, the young boy was allowed to continue interacting with the children in the daycare. At least two employees were charged with contributing to the abuse of a child because they reportedly knew of the incident in question but did not report it to the proper authorities, as required by law. The license of the facility has been revoked; however, the daycare has 10 days to appeal the state’s decision.

Researchers argue that children who exhibit harmful sexual behaviors should receive proper treatment in order to decrease the likelihood that the child will reoffend. It is thought that if the issue is caught early on, the child may have a chance of becoming a contributing member of society after exposure to adequate rehabilitation. Not only will this save potential victims from a sexually abusive encounter, but it may save the life of the offender as well.

Those facing charges involving sexual assault or abuse, may find it extremely helpful to seek legal counsel from a reputable defense attorney.

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