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I can make a difference in your case with highly personalized and cost-effective representation in Wisconsin criminal defense matters, including DUI, domestic violence, drug-related matters and more.

In doing so, I offer a comprehensive defense practice that encompasses both state and federal courts from the municipal level to the appellate level.

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for those charged with a OWI/DUI and Criminal Offenses

If you are under investigation or have been arrested for a crime, contact Attorney Craig Kuhary at 262-239-7631, or my associate, Breanne M. Bucher, at the law firm of Walden & Schuster, S.C. in Waukesha, and we will get to work investigating your case, negotiating on your behalf and building your defense.


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Before you talk to the police, talk to a lawyer. You can expect my complete dedication and commitment to your cause, your rights and your freedom.

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