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Parking lot argument leads to assault conviction

When two people are in a relationship in Wisconsin and one seeks to end that relationship, the conversation may get emotional and intense very quickly. If a person does not have the ability to control their emotions in intense situations, acts of domestic violence may occur during the confrontation. Rather than having an intelligent discussion like two adults and ending the relationship, the two parties involved may quickly start yelling, screaming, and hitting each other.

Police hope to locate Wisconsin man involved in fatal incident

Situations involving domestic violence are often highly emotionally charged, and the individuals involved do not always use the best judgment when making quick decisions. In the most tragic of cases, the incident may turn deadly. It is not necessary for a man and a woman to be married to be involved in domestic violence. Even those who are just dating or living together in Wisconsin may end up in violent situations if one or both parties don't have the necessary skills to deal with strong emotions that are often negative.

Couple charged after violent incident in home

Sorting through the facts and getting the true story is an important part of any domestic violence case. Because of the intense emotions involved between a man and a woman, the story may not always be told how it actually happened. When children are involved, it becomes even more important to determine who is the guilty party and who is the abused in the domestic violence incident.

Holiday stress and increased rates of domestic violence

For those Wisconsin residents who have restraining orders in place against them, it is important to know that the holidays can be a tempting time to violate those orders. But however well-meaning you may be in wanting to reach out to those outlined in a protective order, you need to refrain from doing so for several reasons.

Former Brewers pitcher gets domestic violence charges dismissed

Former Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Francisco Rodriguez had his domestic battery charges dismissed recently because the Waukesha County District Attorney Brad Schimel could not meet the burden of proof for the case to continue.

Wisconsin court says that stalking is not free speech

The freedoms that we enjoy and are entitled to are not always easy to understand. For example, freedom of association is limited to groups without terrorist ties. This is a fairly obvious example, but all freedoms are limited in fairly nuanced ways as well. In many senses, the freedom that comes with the most nuanced limitations is freedom of speech.

New Wisconsin court will help vets facing serious consequences

After returning to civilian life, many veterans, especially those exposed to combat, may face problems with the criminal justice system due to the extreme stressors they encountered while in service and the difficulty of returning to a much different way of life. Domestic violence is a common problem among veterans in Wisconsin and around the country, especially when a veteran is struggling with alcohol/drug abuse or a mental health issue.

A burrito was the chosen weapon in alleged domestic violence case

Domestic violence is a serious issue, and one that understandably results in significant criminal consequences. But because domestic violence occurs between family members or two people in a relationship, it is not always easy for outsiders to correctly distinguish between what is legally considered to be domestic violence and what amounts to a lovers' quarrel.

Supreme Court case to impact double jeopardy protections: Part II

Earlier this week, we began a discussion about a recent U.S. Supreme Court case and its implications for future accused persons. Specifically, the holding in the case affects the protection from double jeopardy for those who are forced to mount a criminal defense.

Supreme Court case to impact double jeopardy protections: Part I

A recent United States Supreme Court case may impact the practical ability of the wider legal system to protect criminally accused individuals from double jeopardy.

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