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Domestic violence reports have serious consequences

Laws passed in 2014 have changed the consequences for domestic violence, even when no arrest is made. "Domestic violence is defined as intentional infliction of physical pain, injury or illness or an act that may cause another person to fear imminent danger of those things." Under the Wisconsin statute 968.075, a law enforcement officer shall arrest and take a person into custody if: "The officer has a reasonable basis for believing that continued domestic abuse against the alleged victim is likely."

Domestic violence charge follows alleged stabbing of boyfriend

A 31-year-old Wisconsin woman was taken into custody after she allegedly stabbed her boyfriend. She was charged with a felony count of domestic violence for causing injuries with a dangerous weapon. Janesville officers reportedly received a call to attend to a domestic incident at about 9:30 p.m., and, upon arrival, they came across a man who had suffered stab wounds. He was taken for medical treatment at a hospital, but the two wounds were in his arm and not life-threatening. He was released after treatment.

What is domestic violence in Wisconsin?

Battery is a classification of criminal charge that involves some sort of physical harm or threat of physical harm to an alleged victim. Within that realm, such actions that happen between family members or those living together can result in domestic violence charges. Wisconsin residents may think they know what constitutes domestic battery but they may not be correct. For example, actual physical harm does not need to result for law enforcement to get involved.

Former football player caught in domestic violence uproar

Prominent sports figures in America should be aware that their actions are under constant scrutiny, ultimately reflecting on their reputation and their ability to withstand super stardom. Wisconsin residents, as well as the general public are often quick to overlook the fact that sports stars are also people who have issues and may make mistakes. One bad decision can lead to severe consequences, even for people in the spotlight.

Wisconsin wife gunned down by husband who faces life in prison

With members of the United States military involved in several conflicts overseas, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder has become a hot topic of conversation in many criminal trials in Wisconsin and throughout the country. PTSD may cause a person to do things they wouldn’t normally do, and may incapacitate the person mentally and emotionally. Although it may be difficult at times to measure the effects of war on a person’s mental health, it may be necessary to consider the seriousness of PTSD when a seemingly harmless person commits a crime of domestic violence.

Wisconsin man claims mental illness contributed to his crimes

When two people enter into a commitment of marriage and bring children into the world, it may be difficult to see how the situation might ever become angry or violent. Few married couples start their marriage with plans to divorce or hurt each other, but the reality is often different than the fantasy, and close to 50% of couples end up filing for divorce. Domestic violence continues to be a common problem in Wisconsin and throughout the world, and some spouses are coming up with more creative and particularly vicious ways to hurt the one they feel has wronged them.

Better reporting at heart of Wisconsin domestic abuse bill

Domestic violence is a serious problem that has far-reaching effects on society. Violence against spouses and children may create fear and mistrust in the hearts of people who grow up to repeat the cycle of abuse. Domestic violence advocates in Wisconsin fear that the problem is growing, and that many feel they can't report violent incidents because of fear of future retribution. A new bill being considered by state lawmakers may help to change that.

Police hope to locate Wisconsin man involved in fatal incident

Situations involving domestic violence are often highly emotionally charged, and the individuals involved do not always use the best judgment when making quick decisions. In the most tragic of cases, the incident may turn deadly. It is not necessary for a man and a woman to be married to be involved in domestic violence. Even those who are just dating or living together in Wisconsin may end up in violent situations if one or both parties don't have the necessary skills to deal with strong emotions that are often negative.

Couple charged after violent incident in home

Sorting through the facts and getting the true story is an important part of any domestic violence case. Because of the intense emotions involved between a man and a woman, the story may not always be told how it actually happened. When children are involved, it becomes even more important to determine who is the guilty party and who is the abused in the domestic violence incident.

Holiday stress and increased rates of domestic violence

For those Wisconsin residents who have restraining orders in place against them, it is important to know that the holidays can be a tempting time to violate those orders. But however well-meaning you may be in wanting to reach out to those outlined in a protective order, you need to refrain from doing so for several reasons.

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